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Natures Evolution Pattern ation and Armour.

MA study 2018 Designing is a place to explore all aspects of Art and Design in its broadest sense. I like to encompass new contemporary art and design strategies and gain new craft practices using critical analysis, contextual and theoretical. I also like to develop a broader and more technical understanding of modern technologies using photographic printing, embroidery and up to date CAD within my design handwriting as a professional designer and educator. Heritage and Artisan beliefs are a continuing aspect of my practice incorporating eco conscious ethical Art and design philosophy. Artisan based design ranges are becoming increasingly popular with many people wishing to save the planet from unnecessary pollution. Materials and themes are vintage or vintage retro where ever possible following my Art and design philosophy. My aspirations are about developing vintage inspired embroidered, patchwork, woven embellished, printed fabrics, lace lacer cut out fabrics for fashion and interiors for industry using illustrations to express how they can be used. Entwining beadwork, photographic prints, rock crystals, metal work and antique materials to evoke an opulent style. My main ideology is to create a coherent identity as a working designer exploring other Art and Design disciplines and combining these into my work to create more interest and uniqueness. I like working within different Art and design disciplines to engage with the Arts World developing a broad design discipline across the Art and Design industry, incorporating a Gallery approach to my continuing practice. Pushing the boundaries of fine Art disciplines, by incorporating art installations akin to fashion and interior design. My design themes for my Autumn/Winter 2018 include Migration- including modern art influences,19th -20 th Century Arts and crafts, decalage vintage /romantic fusion. Taking contextual themes within seasonal contemporary fashion directions, developing distressed finishes, faded flora’s , hazy blooms/Bucolic Tapestries, Folk Art, 50’s foliage. Developing designs with a montage of fashion eras and inspirations. My masters would be a time for me to indulge in personal creative urges previously encountered and a forever wishful awareness of art and design. I would like to follow on from my MA Design course to work freelance as a designer within broader design disciplines and would pursue a PHR in Illustration /fashion /Costume .While continuing part time teaching of Art and Design and general cover work.

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Check out my new AVON eBrochure!

Check out my new AVON eBrochure!: Hi Everyone! Here's a sneak peak at some of the latest products available in my Avon eBrochure. Be sure to click

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Ray bans

Ray Ban Fashion Accessories

Fashion Designer Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses are approximately considered among the highly valued and desired fashionable designer accessories today. But, some might want to know what fashion design actually means. Well, the plain answer is, fashion design is an art which applies natural beauty or aesthetics and design to the selected accessories.

Fashion design can be influenced by social attitudes and cultural values, which however may vary over time and place. Fashion designers can work in different ways to design their specific accessories. They endeavor to meet expectations of customers for artistically designed objects.

As it normally takes more time for their respective product to eventually reach the market, they must always be prepared to complement the expected variations in consumer taste.

Ray Ban sunglasses are bale to do just that, and more. Over its entire history, its creators have succeeded in designing exclusive eyewear which is both functional as well as aesthetically most appealing to its customers. They have always been particularly conscious of the type and class of consumers who are most likely to use their eye glasses, including situations under which they will typically wear them. For this specific reason, they continue to employ one of the widest combination and range of materials available, in combination with a broad rainbow of colors, styles and prototypes to select your preferred choice from.

Although, the majority of eyewear used on a daily basis falls in a narrow assortment of conformist styles, uncommon sunglasses are normally sought after for particular occasions like evening or party wear. Some eyewear is specially created with specific consumers in mind which is the practice with haute couture in sunglasses. Today, sunglasses are overwhelmingly mass produced for an expansive market. This is particularly so for everyday and casual wear.

Ray Ban sunglasses are suggestively produced in seven exclusively distinct collection ranges, which are the Active Lifestyle, Icons, Families, Tech, Fast and Furious, High Street, and Craft. Frames for the sunglasses frames mainly come in various ranges, including the thicker, metal-like, thinner, and carbon fiber styled frames. The lenses used in some of the sunglasses available in the market are particularly polarized. This is done in order to eliminate the inconvenience of glare produced by many reflective surfaces. Inherent features of the polarized lenses have the unique ability to considerably reduce the intolerable or irritating brightness of shimmering surfaces such as large water bodies and chrome.

Besides, they are also more soothing for eyes of the person who happens to be wearing them. Another beneficial advantage of polarized lenses is that they can protect the eyes of the wearer from the particular effects of the damaging blue light. Further, these lenses have gained immense recognition among consumers due to their scratch-resistance facility. They are particularly lucid and offer complete protection from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

Considering the overwhelming advantages and functional benefits offered by a wide range of Ray Ban sunglasses available in the market today, every sensible user of designer sunglasses who values quality is automatically drawn to this special brand.

Visit to browse the latest styles of

Ray Ban Sunglasses

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Adobe Illustrator CS5

Adobe illustrator.The New Adobe illustrator is available on line. If you are a student you can aprox £3 great discounts.The usual fee for the full package is £1800 if you are a full time student, it is a lot cheaper approx £350.I have seen the student version CS4 for £99.00.You need at least 2 gig on your computer 3 gig would be more appropriate or a least 2.5 gig.

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Spring Accessories 2010.

Trends for Spring 2010

“It’s all about girl power” Women’s Fashion for 2010

With the New Year on the horizon it's time to redefine our wardrobe. Keep your closet beyond 2009 with these cutting edge trends.

A gradual recovery in the economy brings silver linings around the clouds of recession. As the businesses see recuperation, so does fashion. 2010 will be a year of tradition. Experts predict a strong silhouette and sophisticated glamour. Classical silhouettes, and subdued colors will pop up in the store racks, and ramp shows. Key looks for the coming year will reflect the current economic situation.

Hottest Looks for the coming season:

Female Dandy:

Dandy elements will venture back further with a bit of the 19th century, to enter as a main fashion for the year to come. A fashion trend with its roots from Great Britain, dandy trend evokes aristocracy and associated wealth. Bow blouses, cropped slim-cut jackets, high-waisted jodhpurs, ruffles, brooches, fob chains, waistcoats and tailored vests will enter the fashion segment. The overall look and feel of the female dandy will take its inspiration from history, and will be seen in catwalks. With a appropriate mixture of sharp tailoring and stereotype clothes, they accentuate and flatter the fashionist womans hourglass figure.
'See through' Clothing:

Spring trends for the year will be more revealing. See through fashion clothing will give a cool and sexy look. Sheen and see through clothing will be a mixture of soft, feminine and a hardcore kitten look. Considered by fashion gurus as one of the hottest looks, sheer fabrics are the preferred choice of many celebrities. Used creatively in multitude ways, such as tight pieces, layers, and delicate feminine draping, these fabrics will be seen in many runway collections.

One-shouldered Dresses and Tops:

Ladies can put their best shoulder forward! Asymmetric shoulder lines have made a return since 2009, and are predicted to make its presence in international ramp shows. Showing one shoulder can be interesting, and can be worn in several ways. A one-shoulder dress with an asymmetrical form fitting top and draped skirt will be a hot style. This outfit is conservatively sexy, and makes a bold fashion statement without looking tacky. It accentuates the shoulders, well tones arms, nice shoulders, neck, and collarbones. A single shouldered top goes well with denims and gowns.
Leather Clothing:

Trends in leather will extend far beyond jackets into other types of clothing. Leather shorts, dresses, leggings and many more will be in vogue. A black Paule Ka leather dress with a revealing neckline, and matching leather bandeu will make a breathtaking appearance in a party.

Capes and Cloaks:

Full capes, long clocks, and mini caplets will make a come back as a major fashion staple. During the fall, capes will take various, and much sophisticated forms to become a major trend. This sleeveless outerwear open at the front with slits for arms will be a definite trend for colder seasons. Big fashion houses will come up with their own revivals. Taking their inspiration from the loose cocoon styles of the 20s, capes with a classic elegance from Valentino, and DNKY will be seen on the runways.

Over the Knee Boots:

This will be a must have item for the fall season. Elegant suedes and dark futuristic wound and bound leathers will be in fad. This is one hot trend for women. A genuine leather boots in a classic black or brown color will go with outfits of any color. Grey, maroon and other cream or neutral shades will also do. A thigh high black suede skinny leg boots is one of the hottest key looks for the inner 'cat woman' girl.

With a keen eye, focused approach, and a wardrobe spanning enough room to accommodate new couture, every fashion-focused woman can have the savviest dresses along with supplementing fashion accessories.

Occupation: Textile B2b Marketplace
Fibre2fashion provides unlimited access to information and business opportunities exclusively for the Garment-Textile-Fashion industries.

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Accessories for fashion

Fashion Accessories to Consider

Author: David Holburg

Are you curious about updating your appearance, at the least when it comes to your fashion? If you are, you will not only want to look at the latest in fashion trends, as far as clothing, but you may also want to look at the latest trends in fashion accessories Fashion accessories are rapidly increasing in popularity, although many still have no idea precisely what they are.

Regarding fashion accessories, you will discover that a number of different products are included. Fashion accessories, such as fashion clothing pieces, are available in a number of differing sizes, shapes, and styles. One can find fashion accessories which are designed for children, youth, males, females, small sized, and plus sized people. A few of the countless fashion products that you may want to look at at one of your neighborhood fashion outlets or over the internet are outlined below.

The most popular fashion accessory varieties is that of jewelry. As it was previously discussed, fashion accessories are designed for all varieties people, irrespective of age or gender. For teenagers and kids, fashion jewelry items that are fashionable often include vibrant pieces, including charm necklaces and charm bracelets.

When it comes to males, a popular type of jewellery frequently consists of large pendant necklaces, many of which display a cross or another popular or significant symbol. As for ladies, trendy pieces of fashion jewelry consist of earnings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and so forth.

Another form of fashion add-on that you may have an interest in owning is a purse or a handbag. Teens and women mostly own purses and handbags. A purse is often used to describe a bag which is smaller or compact in dimension and handbags tend to be a little bit larger. Handbags and purses are available in variety of differing styles; therefore, it is not uncommon for many women and teenagers to own more than one purse or handbag. In fact, many individuals out there prefer to match their fashion accessories, including their purses and handbags, with the outfits that they wear.
In conjunction with handbags and purses, travel bags are sometimes considered a fashion add-on. Travel bags are much like purses and handbags, but you'll find that they are often designed for both females and for males. A travel bag might include a smaller bag that can be used as a carryon bag for an airplane ride, a diaper bag, and even a laptop carrying case and so forth.

Boots and shoes are also considered a fashion add-on, though many don't necessarily think them to be. Most often, women’s shoes and boots are considered as fashion accessories, as opposed to men’s boots and shoes. Certainly one of the reasons for that is due to the massive selection of women’s shoe styles that you can find available for sale. For example, it's more than possible to find athletic shoes, casual sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, and so forth. Like handbags and purses, many women have multiple pairs of boots or shoes and many seek to coordinate their shoes, particularly for work, with the rest of their ensemble.

Another one of the many different types of fashion accessories available for purchase are belts. For a lot of men and boys, belts aren't necessarily considered a fashion accessory, as much as they're a way to hold pants up; yet, the same does not actually ring true for women. females’s belts come in variety of different sizes, shapes, and styles. That's one of the reasons why females’s belts and belts that may be created for kids and for teenagers are often considered as fashion accessories. You'll find belts available which are created for wearing with an informal pair of jeans, as well as a pair of traditional kaki pants for work.

Belts, handbags, purses, travel bags, jewelry, and footwear are a few of the many fashion accessories that you may be able to find for sale at one of our local fashion outlets and even on line. As a reminder, fashion accessories are a great way to spice up any wardrobe, particularly one that can use an updating.

I have been writing about fashion for a number of years and have a website at where I look at the latest fashions in Platform Pumps.

Article Source:

About the Author:

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Add Etsy pop Art to your home.

There are a number of great wonderful Artist selling original Art on the Etsy community retail on line store waiting for interested customers for prints or bespoke Art development

Etsy favourites on O.S store.

O.S stores favourites
If you have an Etsy click to link account which is easy to set up you may have heard of the etsy favourites section.While browsing on line stores you can save to favourites some of the stores or individual items for sale.I would like to share with you some of my finds.Saving you hours of shopping time on line
There are some fab items to purchase.
Up cycled drift wood picture frames to adorn your Artisan style homes.
Warm winter finger less gloves a must have in today's Winter weather.Wear with opulent fashion jewellery for that glamour chic look.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Etsy UK blog'

New to Etsy is the UK blog dedicated to Etsy stores based in the UK. Click on the link to view the new Etsy blog dedicated to Blitty fashion stores.UK Etsy blog

Fashion predictions from O.S label.

The Pret a Porter is an international trade fair for buyers,models,shops and department stores.It is followed my New York,Tokyo and London fashion shows.
Discovering key atmospheric moods by following trends is the root behind finding your own fashion style.
Fashion is now so globally connected it's a must to have the right on line connections.
There is no better place to find that key piece for your wardrobe that you cannot find in on the high street.

The Pret a Porter Paris.


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Fashion shoot clip.

Inspiring fashion shoot.

Youtube is a great place to browse fashion shoots.If you have ever wondered how the fashion industry shoots a fashion page for a magazine.This clip gives you an idea.I am presently building a new range which i will be shooting for promotions for future clients.
The website is called Steammachine and I love the designers work,using up cycled fabrics. Organic destressed finishing that creates a victorian vintage look mixing contemporary styling and chic boohoo to etsy

Contemporary fashion.

The worn faded archin  look is coming back strong,casual vintage is the new style.I found this great dress on etsy that I would like to share with you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vintage fashion style.

I found this great fashion shoot on you tube and thought it a great why to look at how to style vintage clothing in a contemporary why.I think getting it right is very important,and some people feel a bit threatened by vintage clothing purchases.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter time ,cold winds and icy roads.

Everyones talking about the weather no one has been able to get to work or go Sale shopping.Now is the time to take stock and consider on line shopping.Winter woollies and knitted hats and scarfs are a must.The on line etsy artisan based website has a lot to offer with many of the stores giving discounts in the month of January.
Original sample store on line at is offering a staggering 25% off all there bespoke designer knit on trend nostalgic knits.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ethical fashion.What does it really mean?

Ethical fashion is the New Buzz word for eco friendly clothing that embelishes social responsibilities.
Responsible.Ethical Fashion can equate exquisite design and quality without loosing touch with morality and ethical standards.
Ethical fashion philosphy embraces the concept of creating beautiful designs with ethical production practices.
An ethical fashion collection means from fibre production to the finishing stitches.A conscious effort has been made to repect the people involved and also pretect our precious eco system and planet.
Sustainable fabrics and fibres,vintage buttons and fabric are all used to create artisan pieces of fashionable disireable choices to buy.
Ethical fashion philosphy is simple.The peolpe involved in this inspiring eco sound fabric and fashion industry believe that fashion should be ethical and not just beatiful.
Victoria Meadows the founder and designer of original Sample eco fuses recycled fabrics into detail within her collection.Combining the richness of historical fashion values with contemporary western styling
.The combination of classic and contemporary makes her designs timeless and wearable.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

FREE SHIPPING for Halloween!!!!!!!!

FREE SHIPPING for Halloween!!!!!!!!

Hello,Welcome to The Press release for Original Sample.Today I can announce free shipping for all items on from a collection of soft accessories.
Handmade within a bespoke studio space in middle England.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fantastic new yarns in all styles.

Fabulous new yarns available on line at Original Sample at Artisan website based in New York.Also great special offer purchase more than one item and recieve free shipping.Choose any style re-design an item for your own tastes and bespoke your own size at

Monday, October 12, 2009

Key Winter trends.

With this years trends promising to be more versitile and classic.The best destination for your bespoke winter woollies can viewed on line at

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Original Sample Winter range.

Special offer this month on the original sample website is free shipping on multipule purchases.Great winter woolies and soft wintery wooly hats at

Sunday, September 13, 2009

London Fashion Week.

London fashion week has arrived and it is celebrating 25 years of style.The return of many big UK designers to the London show is testament to London being a key fashion city on a Global setting.The new interest is good news for the fashion industry in the UK.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Special offer for all of September.

Great offer for all of September,free shipping on line at Original Sample on line store.
Great new Asymetrical cardigam coats,ballet cardis and vintage patchwork bags.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Put humanity into your wardrobe.

In to days fashion scene the buzz word is ethical clothing.Eco and green being a later day explanation.The Ethical is based on a reaction to the greedy profit loving fashion industry.The use of chemicals and third world poor working standards.
Sustainable fashion is also a key Fraze via a fashion evolution,regarding an awareness about proper maintenance of our Eco system.
Original Sample embellishes all these concerns within there collection of accessories.Buy vintage and buy vintage inspired to create a fabulous wardrobe of clothing with longitude in terms of sustaining a fashion direction that is timeless and stylish

Friday, August 14, 2009

Retro vintage sustainable fashion.

The new age of sustainable Eco conscious based fashion trends is becoming big.The big stores are doing there bit and the little designer based companies are encouraging change for the future of fashion is green and moving fast to conserve the future of our planet.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get ready for Winter.

Be smart buy your woolly cardigan for winter early to beat the swine flu blues.
New wool/alpaca felted cardigans.Super soft if you have allergies to wool.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The website

Sustainable eco conscious divintive capsule range.

Original Sample is expanding the range.The green vintage label is moving into wovens creating a whole dynamic statement for the shopper.After a number of years of on maternity leave the designer has a new philosophy to indulge into dress's,skirts,tote bags and more,much more........
Watch this space for more up dates.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The website connected to these feedback scores is a very popular site,of which most people have heard off.It is of cause ebay and the site is site is listed under ebay stores as Accessories-by-designers.
This blog site has been created to inform customers and potential customers on the positive feedback given via Original Samples customer base.Read on and become confident about the world of eco-friendly bespoke fashion products and become a follower.

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Read our feedbacks for our products and check out our

LOVELY! Buyer:
morcor.2007 ( 492) 27-Sep-08 12:16 -- (#280263118863) -- Lovely cardigan. Thank you. Buyer:
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mkfossils ( 1138) 24-Sep-08 22:32 -- (#280266072539) -- A LITTLE GEM! Gorgeous colour, quirky styling, very individual. RECOMMENDED 5* Buyer:
bloodcollector ( 333) 24-Sep-08 12:49
A+++ Thankyou Buyer:
mkfossils ( 1138) 30-Sep-08 22:57 -- (#280268536643) -- wonderful Buyer:
tinkerbell-p-fairy ( 112) 30-Sep-08 08:55 -- (#280268967870) -- The brooches and cardigan are beautiful and arrived safely, thank you Buyer:
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Really lovely cardigan thank you Buyer:
judithsmorris ( 392) 10-Oct-08 12:44 -- (#280268546194) -- Really lovely cardigan thank you Buyer:
judithsmorris ( 392) 10-Oct-08 12:43 -- (#280264938525) -- Really lovely cardigan thank you Buyer:
judithsmorris ( 392) 10-Oct-08 12:42 -- (#280266759522) -- Beautiful item. Very fast delivery. Friendly and helpful seller. Thank you. Buyer:
sonofrat ( 381) 07-Oct-08 17:13 -- (#280271725273) -- great thanks so much!! quick delivery. fab seller Buyer:
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